Friday, December 28, 2012

In perspective

Today was a day of wins and losses.

Win: I woke up feeling sexy and smiley.

Win: I eat a healthy breakfast and had a snack midmorning

Win: I worked out for 45 minutes at the gym on the elliptical and ski machine.

Win: I still felt sexy and smiley in the early afternoon.

Loss: I didn't pack any protein for lunch, so got tired and head-achey in the late afternoon.

Win: I bought super easy to cook, healthy food at Trader Joe's.

Loss: I also bought lentil chips, which I opened in the car as I was hungry.

Loss: I had a feelings reaction that I held in, which made me want to drink a second glass of wine.

Win: I didn't open the bottle or pour the second glass.

Loss: I ate too much garlic bread instead. (It wasn't even that yummy)

Win: I came to bed and wrote in my feelings journal as much as I could stand.

Win: And then I decided to write this post to put the food/health part of my day in perspective.

Win: Now I don't feel like the day was a total loss.

That's a much better perspective.

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