Saturday, May 5, 2012

Catching up

I've not posted here for a long time- mainly because there's been a lot of transition + somewhat because said transition has wreaked havoc on my body (there's some shame in the latter)

Just over a month ago I applied for, interviewed, then accepted a new job. I've taken myself in a direction that I was able to explore in my last position and wanted to realize more- development. And now I find myself, a fledgling Director of Development, becoming used to a new way of working and living.

I've only been in the job a week and there are certain things I miss. I do enjoy my new coworkers but have left some good friends behind and feel that absence.

Being 1 of 3 women in the agency and the only one in my office is also a drastic change. There's no asking for emergency tampons or talking with that female rhythm. I've not been the minority gender since high school... so a change.

I'm also missing some everyday things- a lunchroom + co-workers who eat lunch together (have eaten out a lot this week), a water bubbler (brought in a brita), conference rooms, and computer speakers (I work so much better to bluegrass).

All of these things (+ the lead up to leaving) have led me to forget my eating and exercise rhythm. The pattern of self care I integrated into my daily routine.

I know the transition is leveling out and next week offers the opportunity for continued balance. There's a YMCA close by that I can workout at during lunch (hurrah!); I just need to bust through my fear and go. On good weather days I can bike in (9 miles) with my honey. I can find places to lunch outside. I can find speakers.

I'm loving the new challenges: writing the year-end appeal, finding a venue for Pride brunch, designing my first save the date,  beginning to learn my way around the donor database (all in week 1). I'm asking a lot of questions ("what's the password again?", "hold on, what function did you use?") but am confident I'll remember it all soon.

And, in between, I have to figure out a new routine for self care- a concept and practice I truly believe in (thanks to REACH and Maureen). This care must stretch from work hours to workouts, lunch to snacks, treats out to financial savings, and continue the connection with those I no longer get to see everyday.

Basically, it has to prioritize me.

For the last 3 weeks of my previous job I prioritized the agency; wanting to leave everything wrapped up well, wanting to reassure my co-workers that I wasn't abandoning them. Overall, not the best self care move. This week has been about figuring out my new environment and learning how to make it supportive of my needs. Now I've identified strategies that I just need to put into place.

So, I'm building anew this summer. Going to reclaim my time, mind and my body (and those pants that are a little too right now thanks to this last month). And, will keep this updated with my learnings along the way.