Thursday, March 17, 2011

Difficult morning

I am struggling this morning. Partially because I binge-ate 3 chocolate eggs on tues night out of self soothing, partially because I ate out twice yesterday, and partially because I've more worked out yet this week due to a combo of overwork and crappy sleep. I know I have 5 more days til weigh in and that I can pull through, but I'm struggling with believing in it. Mainly because my crappy choices have put me here again. This us such a day-to-day rollercoaster and I am way too susceptible to external pressures. Okay enough self pity...needed to get it out somewhere.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Tired after a long DESE meeting I headed to starbucks for a decaf pick me up and was greeted by growling  beast of a stomach... and then presented with too many starbucks  treat options. But I chose wisely and opted for a half pack of honey roasted cranberry almonds.

Post-snack I feel almost human again; now to the coffee for the rest of my drive into the office.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Weighing in

Headed back to WW for first time since January...

Waiting in line to weigh-in and am nervous. It takes a lot to admit that I'm not perfect and that I needed to hide for awhile. But, with my first race of the season complete (ran the Ras 5k yesterday in Somerville with only 2 training runs under of my belt since my injury-not by choice but by chance) I'm feeling more calm about re-starting this marathon called weight loss.

This weekends was a good reminder that I can push my mind and my body. And, that can be successful and feel good on doing so. Will weigh-in here later about how I'm doing over this week.