Friday, December 9, 2011

Super fabulous self care morning

This morning has just been perfect. I woke up fairly on timeso I could pack my morning off with self care to dos.

First up, a long  walk with Bryce and her soccer ball. We both enjoyed the sunshine, leaves and brisk weather while Bruce also enjoyed running about like a mad thing!

Next, three miles on the treadmill for me followed by a good stretch and a long hot shower.  Felt sooooo good after this routine!

Then a date with myself at Sugar for brunch. In addition to enjoying my egg biscuit and homefries, I paid my bills (blessed be smart phones!) and  smiled a lot while writing a few christmas cards.

After, a stop by the post office to send some holiday cheer  before heading to the car wash. Armed wth quarters, armour all and a car wash coupon, I spent 30 blissful minutes car cleaning. Cost of car vac: $3.50.  Clean car satisfaction: priceless.

And now I'm home with 50mins to finish packing before I head to pick up the wife, dog in tow, for a friend-filled winter wonderland weekend (read tree trimming, cookie decorating,  black and white christmas movies, shared meals,  and holiday shopping). Fun fun fun!!!