Tuesday, March 20, 2012

rowing = meditation

rowing = meditation

meditation = Zen

Zen = calm

calm = happy

happy = yes

I may have found a new favorite gym activity.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Mission Workout: Phase 1 complete!

I joined the West Roxs YMCA tonight. Arrived at 7:30pm and enjoyed a thorough tour by Rich (who is the best welcome wagon you could ask for) before signing up and paying my joining fee.

By 8:30pm I was on the upright bike for my first workout- 22mins + 5 miles of fun. Yes, fun. One of their sets of bikes have built in screens and reactive seats + handlebars. You cycle a course like you would in real life, or at an arcade but you're powering the action! It was awesome! My butt hurt after a while though so I switched to a hilly treadmill walk for 10mins + 1.3 miles. My right IT band gave me some problems so had to stop and stretch. Also wanted to vomit after 15 mins of walking but I think this was because I was hungry (the last thing I ate was chocolate at 4pm-bad move).

Signed up for first free training session of 3. I'll be meeting Nora next Tuesday at 7am. Yes, a.m. as in ridiculously early. But she was highly praised as a trainer and I thought what the hell, this may jumpstart me back to early mornings.

So, awesome night overall (minus the nausea). Came home at 9:20pm to toast and a faux  chikin patty. Not really balanced but all my tummy could manage. Will have to work on scheduling my meals/snacks better.

Tummy feels better now and am heading to bed.  Next gym date- tomorrow after work :)

Changing strategy

This past week I took a quick trip (Mon-Sat) to Georgia to see the family. It was self-care heaven. Not only did I get to be with my family bit I got to invest in myself.

The week started off with a massage & pedicure (thanks to mum) and continued with daily gym visits and a trip to the driving range with dad. Although I've been enviously commenting on my wife's gym membership and midday buddy-runs for months now, I didn't realise how much I missed the gym and the fitness company of strangers until I was there.

In January I re-invested in Weight Watchers meetings, but have found myself unmotivated by their content. And, until last week, I struggled to prioritize and enjoy exercise. I've still managed to lose a few pounds but feel dissatisfied with my self and the process. So, now I'm changing my strategy.

This week I'm getting rid of my ww membership and joining a gym with the money I'll save. I'm going to visit the west roxbury ymca tonight. It has cardio & weight machines, pool access and fitness classes all for the sum of $50/mo. It's an investment but there's no contract so of something changes at work (like it did last year) I'll still be okay financially. It's also only 5-7 mins from the houseand has free parking...major pluses.

So, keep your fingers crossed that I like the ymca! I'll still need to work on prioritizing gym time, but I think that the fitness options and energy of my fellow gym goers will make that more of an excitement and less of a hassle.

And, I'm going to work on posting thoughts more frequently here!