Monday, September 20, 2010

Came to WW despite my fears: lost 1lb. It's a new beginning. I'm upping the ante next week.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pain is...

Pain is...

1. sitting on my ass for a week (aka, substituting stationary biking +swimming for running) because I'm in recovery from PMF, + IT band + plantar fascitis pain (the last is worse pain although does not cause my knee to buckle)

2. not believing that cycling + lap swimming can live up to running (i.e. feeling that I am less of a person for investing in recovery vs. my initial Nike+ half-marathon training program)

3. weighing oneself at 5pm after a week on vacation in Georgia...with still 3 days of vacation to go (i.e., hoping that if I return a little rounder that my wife will see me as... "round and fleshy" in the way of Julia's Brazilian lover in the Eat, Pray, Love. For more weight-sensitive commentary on the film see: Judgment of Paris)

4. hearing the confessions of my mum's hip pain and equating it to my recent PMF/IT band/plantar fascitis... pain, wine, ibuprofen and all

5. promising to help ease my mum's pain by sharing my (little) knowledge of hip strengthening + stretching exercises

6. later, praying it will work out.